Bonaventure Dossou
AI & Data Scientist, Maths Student


Winner of the All-Russian Breakthrough Hackathon 2019 Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for approximating roots of polynoms degree higher than 5 and less than 16 Multi-Handwriting Digits Recognition Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Places Detection Deep Reinforcement Learning in Game Theory : Case of Seega Theory of Algorithms : Context Free Grammar Developed a my own ConvNet called PlacesNet, recognizing places where are made, taken... (2019) Best international student at Kazan Federal University (2017,2018) French native speaker, English fluant speaker, Russian normal speaker , German (low). Winner of the prize The Bobell (Best of Benin English Language Learner) from 2011,2012,2013,2014. Student in Mathematics at Kazan Federal University in Russia and passionated by computer science and programming. Knowledge of Microsoft Office tools Programming Languages : Java, Pascal, Python , Android , Html , Css , Latex , C and C++ ( Basics ) Personal website for programming beginner in Android and C languages: Personal Mobile Apps , available on the Google Play Store : Health care : Around You : LScreen Recorder :


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