SERGE ESSO: CEO & Legal counsel and tax advisor


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Do you know Mr. SERGE ESSO, CEO & Legal counsel and tax advisor?

He too will be present at the Business Dinner organized by the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Continent and the Diaspora Bantu Development Initiative this Friday, December 28, 2018 from 14h at the Chamber of Commerce of Yaounde.

Let's find out who is Mr. Serge ESSO?

After five+ successful years as General Manager Corporate Services in MTN Cameroon, and more than 20 years of experience in several multinationals in Europe and Africa with a strong Tax and Legal background, I believed that I could contribute largely, highly and positively to improve foreign investments in Africa through Government relations, Legal, Regulatory, Compliance and Stakeholders management, as well as handling sensitive challenges beyond that area of responsibility.
From a proven experience, Glencoe Advisory can anticipate and proactively manage the relationships with Government officials and Regulatory bodies in sub-Saharan Africa, understand the projects, pave the way for Multinationals to meet their institutional and business objectives, as well as making sure to be in good terms with the relevant authorities, and operate in full compliance with the existing rules, laws and regulations in the respective countries or Regions.

Glencoe Advisory have built a strong network across some African countries, giving access to the highest circles of authority and would go a long way to assure full delivery on the challenges related to Multinationals’ activities. Moreover, the ability to quickly understand the politics, economy and sociology of any country, the main drivers, the State’s priorities compared to Multinational’s; reading between the lines, discerning the unspoken, earing the silences, connecting rapidly with decision makers and convincing them to make the right decisions for both their country and foreign investors, would ensure proper stakeholders management and positive outcomes.

Glencoe Advisory operates in French, English and Spanish languages, with a perfect knowledge of the various cultural and geographical environments, and have an acute understanding of the main drivers of sub-Saharan countries.
Being strong negotiators and lobbyists with a Legal and Regulatory experience, we believe that these are some of the skills that represent a major asset for Foreign Investors and Multinationals whose main priority is to properly and proactively manage how to do business in the Region, and be fully compliant in line with the tone set by Headquarters, in accordance with international standards, Legal and Regulatory control bodies, and obviously the local legislations.
“We make it happen”.

Come meet, exchange, network, collaborate with entrepreneurs who make things happen on the continent, such as Mr. Serge Esso.
Many other professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders will be present.

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