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Cost: FREE

Level: Advanced

Starts: 23rd Aug 2019

Ends: 20th Sep 2019

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Course Introduction

About course

No one can ignore the undeniable place occupied by English today, especially in the business world. Thanks to English, Traveling in any country is no longer scary because once you master English, language barriers do not exist. You've already understood that, and that's why you're at this level. This advanced level courses will help you feel confident in your learning of the language of Shakespeare and you will move forward head up.

This course will last 4 weeks. Every week, videos, support documents, exercises will be posted. The student has the whole week to study and to do the quiz.
A certificate will be delivered at the end of the course to students who have obtained more than 50% in the quizzes.

To help students learn the lessons, exercises and improve their pronunciation, groups of 10 to 20 students will be created on the Hotshi app.

This course is for the students who have already taken the Beginner and Intermediate courses

Like sharing experience, travelling, discovering other horizons.